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The LINEMAN LM-580 power monitor is a fully programmable, multi-function unit, specially designed for use with critical processes which require exacting performance specifications. Multiple control function settings and pre-critical alarms ensure that your costly equipment will be protected from damage due to irregular operating conditions. LM580 is equipped with a specially developed power supply for use from 100V - 575V - both single phased and three phased.




  • Lightweight, small footprint design easily fits into most any electrical power cabinet.
  • Mounts onto a standard 35mm DIN rail (DIN 46277).
  • Easy installation and set up within minutes - no sensors to install. Alarm sets at the push of one key.
  • Provides consistent sensitivity across the complete load range of the pump motor.
  • Digital display provides clear readout at all times.
  • Motor shaft power is displayed as % of rated power.
  • Analog signal output (4-20mA) allows for integration into monitoring applications.
  • Dual SPNC alarm relays with programmable polarity allow for integration into process control applications.
  • Hysteresis function allows for integration into process control applications.
  • Two programmable power limits provide over- or under-load monitoring and control.
  • A low-power condition sounds an alarm and stops the pump in the event of dry running, over-pressurization, high-head cavitation or low or blocked flow.
  • A high-power condition sounds an alarm and stops the pump in the event of unstable or excessive flow rates, cavitation, or jammed impeller.
  • Ts and Tr delay functions allow for sensitivity adjustment and eliminate false trips.
  • Phase-error alarm warns of deviations in AC power.
  • Operates on 45 or 65Hz AC.
  • CE, cUL and UL approved (up to 600 V).



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Technical Data
  • Dimensions (W x H x D):2.2" x 3" x 4.3"(56 x 75 x 110 mm)
  • Weight: 0.25 kg (.55 lb.)
  • Supply voltage: 3 x 220 VAC (+/- 10%)380 VAC (+/- 10%)460 VAC (+/- 10%)575 VAC (+/- 10%)
  • Operating temperature: 5°F to +122°F(-15° C to +50° C)