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WARRENDER provides precision OEM pumps for a myriad of process system manufacturers. Extreme temperatures, from refrigeration systems down to -120° F and heat transfer recirculation up to +600° F (without external cooling).
WARRENDER OEM Pumps are available in a wide range of hydraulic designs include Centrifugal, Regenerative Turbine, Rotary Vane and Low NPSH and High Pressure units. Materials of construction include 316L-SS Alloy, WCB Carbon Steel, Hastelloy-C276, Polypropylene, PVDF, ETFE and PFA. Warrender OEM Pumps are offered in Seal-less Magnetic Drive, Canned Motor and Mechanical Seal configurations. Thousands of WARRENDER Pumps are currently in service worldwide, providing trouble-free performance in a wide range of industries.

Typical Alloy WARRENDER Pump Applications

  • All EPA monitored chemicals
  • Solvents, hydrocarbons, and other volatile liquids
  • Heat transfer fluids
  • Hot water
  • Refrigerants and liquefied gases
  • Cryogenic processes
  • High pressure circulation systems


Flow Range: 1.0 to 2000 GPM Head: to 1000 feet Pressures: to 720 PSIG / 50 BARG (MAWP) Power rating: to 200 HP



WCB-Cast Steel, 316-SS, Hastelloy-C276


Polypropylene, PVDF, ETFE, PFA
WARRENDER Pump factories meet stringent ISO-9001 quality standards with a culmination of many decades of pump engineering, technical expertise and knowhow. Test facilities are among the most formidable in the pump industry. WARRENDER Pumps are backed by both a 12/18 month Warranty and a Performance Guarantee for all approved applications.

WMTA Alloy Turbine Mag-Drive Pumps


WMPA P.D. Vane Mag-Drive Pumps


SR Alloy Centrifugal Mag-Drive Pumps 


WMCH Billet PP & PVDF Centrifugal Mag-Drive Pumps


WMT Billet PP & PVDF Turbine Mag-Drive


M Molded PP & PVDF Centrifugal Mag-Drive Pumps