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Warrender, LTD produces the technically-superior WMRA pump range that is unique in both design and operations. The WARRENDER WMRA these rotary vane seal-less Mag-drive pumps are suited for low-high pressure applications, high-pressure systems or where metering is required.

The integration of zero-leakage magnetic couplings eliminates the need for mechanical seals or packing glands, thus significantly reducing the need for costly and time-consuming maintenance as well as process contamination. This high pressure pump range enables you to comply with the latest toxic emissions regulations.

The WARRENDER WMRA pumps feature self-compensating sliding-vanes which maintain design head and flow capacities for extended operating life. This high pressure pump range is suitable for thin non-lubricating liquids and / or high differential pressures. The WMRA pumps are capable of self-priming from a dry start.


  • High-head, low-flow functionality minimizes bypass requirements
  • Does not need priming and can run dry without damage
  • Heavy-duty alloy casing and containment shell
  • No gears to wear or metal-to-metal shearing, low internal slip
  • Capable of proportional operation with variable-speed drive component
  • Chemical resistant carbon or silicon carbide sleeve bearings
  • Quick-change rear cartridge assembly allows ease of servicing and reduces maintenances costs
  • High-torque magnetic couplings in the magnetic vane pump eliminate need for soft-starting motors
  • All ports are raised-face 150 lb. or 300 lb. ANSI flanges (600 lb. and 900 lb. are also available)
  • WARRENDER, LTD is your partner of choice for standard as well as custom pumps. To experience the enhanced performance of the WARRENDER WMRA, please speak with a trained WARRENDER representative today.


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