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The Warrender WMTA magnetically-driven regenerative turbine pump is ideal solution for low-flow / high head applications where zero-leakage is specified to meet toxic emissions regulations and ensure maximum safety. WMTA magnetic turbine pump has the capacity to pump liquids containing up to 20% entrained gas, and are suitable for thin, non-lubricating liquids and / or high differential pressures.


  • High-head, low –flow functionality minimize bypass requirements
  • Heavy-duty alloy casing and containment shell
  • Hydraulically and dynamically balanced impellers
  • Self-balancing impeller – zero axial thrust loading
  • Impeller design handles up to 20% entrained gas, making WMTA the ideal choice for pumping liquefied gases
  • Alpha grade silicon carbide bearing assemblies eliminate metal-to-metal contact
  • Replaceable impeller reduces maintenance costs
  • Quick-change rear cartridge assembly allows ease of servicing and reduces maintenance costs
  • All ports are raised-face 150 lb. or 600 lb. ANSI flanges (600lb. and 900 lb. are also available)
  • Order our magnetic turbine pump online and get it delivered at the fastest turnaround time right away.


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