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Mag Drive Rotary Vane

The Warrender WMPA Machined Billet Rotary Vane Seal-less Mag-Drive Pumps (superseding the WMDAV) are built for high system pressures and special alloy requirements. All WMPA pumps are equipped with zero leakage magnetic couplings to meet the latest toxic emissions regulations. The absence of mechanical seals eliminates costly pump maintenance, lost production time and process contamination. The WMPA pumps feature self-compensating sliding-vanes which maintain design head and flow capacities for extended operating life. The WMPA pumps are suitable for thin non-lubricating liquids and/or high differential pressures. The WMPA pumps are capable of dry self-priming.

  • Self-priming and can run dry without damage
  • No gears to wear or metal to metal contact, low internal slip
  • Capable of proportioning with variable speed drives, turn-down ratios depend upon differential head requirements
  • Heavy duty alloy containment shell for added safety
  • Replaceable carbon cartridges-low maintenance costs
  • High Torque magnets for direct starting motors

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Technical Data
  • Flow: .1-11 GPM (22-2500 m³/H)
  • Head: To 180 psig (12 bar)
  • Temperature Ratings: To 450°F (to 232°C)
  • Pressure ratings: 7250 PSIG (500 Bar)


  • AISI SS-316 Stainless Steel, Incoloy-825, Hastelloy-B or C-276
  • Documentation

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    wmpa 1750 rpm curves1750 RPM Curves

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    wmpa iom manualIOM Manual *(Composite brochure -Warrender Mag-Drive Pump Range)

    data sheetData Sheet

    Replacement Parts:

    Rear Wet End Kits, Shaft, Sleeve & Thrust Bearings, Impeller & Casing wear Rings, Internal Magnets, Casing Gaskets, Power/ Bearing Frame Components